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A Simple Overview of Blockchain and



Chapter 1. Bitcoin, a Star is Born

Chapter 2. Blockchain, A New Technology

Chapter 3. What on Earth is Mining?

Chapter 4. Introducing Smart Contracts

Chapter 5. Understanding Cryptocurrencies


Utility Tokens

Security Tokens

Stable Coins

Chapter 6. The Mighty Ethereum, Queen of all Crypto

Chapter 7.  Finding your way at coinmarketcapcom

Circulating Supply, Total Supply, and Maximum Supply explained

Market Capitalization and how it is calculated

Chapter 8. Examples of Blockchain  and Cryptocurrencies in action

Howdoo (UDOO)

Waltonchain (WTC)

Egretia (EGT)

Golem (GNT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Chapter 9. The New Wild West

Chapter 10. Understanding Pairings and Exchanges

Primary Exchanges

Secondary Exchanges

Decentralised Exchanges

Finding An Exchange

Selecting an Exchange

Chapter 11. Keeping your Cryptocurrency safe - How Wallets Work

Your Public Address

Your Private Key

Types of Wallet

Hot Wallets

Cold Wallets

Paper Wallets

Chapter 12. Setting up A MyEtherWallet (MEW) for ERC- Tokens

Setting Up a MyEtherWallet (MEW)

The Three Ways To Access MEW

Adding Tokens in MEW

Sending Tokens In MEW

Chapter 13. Let’s Talk about GAS

How transaction fees are calculated

The Gas Limit

The Gas Price

Buying into an ICO

Chapter 14. Introducing ICO’s

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO’s)

Selecting an ICO or IEO to invest in

Where to find ICOs and IEO’s

Selecting an ICO or IEO

The Ideal ICO or IEO

Chapter 15. Selecting a traded Token to buy

The  Stages of Technology Adoption

Chapter 16. Getting ready to buy your first Cryptocurrency

Chapter 17.  How to buy your first Cryptocurrency

Step One – Buying BTC, ETH and Major Altcoins from a Primary Exchange with FIAT

Step Two – Setting Up Your Secondary Exchange Account and moving your BTC or ETH to a Secondary exchange wallet

Step Three – Changing your bitcoin to a utility token using the Coin Tiger Exchange and buying Udoo as an example

Step Four – Sending your tokens to a private wallet using Udoo as an example...

Setting up a mobile phone wallet

Chapter 18. How to invest in an ICO

Chapter 19. Hoddling or Flipping - Creating a Trading Strategy


Taking a short-term position

Day Trading

Leverage Trading

Chapter 20. Candelabra

What Candlesticks are

How Candlesticks work

Candlestick patterns

Chapter 21. Don’t be a Nerd be a Node

Ordinary Nodes


Chapter 22. A Final Word

Appendix 1  Crypto Lingo

Appendix 2 Useful Resources

Tracking your Portfolio’s performance

Keeping track of your taxes

Appendix 3 Read All About It



Crypto News

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